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In the Wood Shop

While the cold weather has been hanging around, I’ve been spending a few evening hours in the wood shop making a set of shelves for Ella’s room.  I’ll be finishing this week.  Here’s a detail of the inlay tulip.  The tulip is apple wood from the tree that Tara used to swing in at her grandma’s house.  The rest of the shelves are oak from a tree at our first house.


Old Produce / New Produce

I got back from a run and found that David had dropped of a supply of expired produce for the pigs.  Thanks!  Walking back to the house I looked down across the field and got to hoping for Spring.  Here’s a picture of the produce patch, waiting for warmer weather. 300_3280


The pigs are here!  They were pretty cold and shy from their truck ride, but they thawed out and got right to work turning scrap food into bacon.  Ella loves feeding them sweet potatoes. The move in went very smoothly.

MVI_3240 MVI_3253