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Ready to Pop

There is a tremendous amount of fruit hanging on the plants right now. It’s getting to be the exciting part of the year when we’re picking and delivering daily. I’m very pleased with the way the tomatoes and cantaloupe are shaping up.

The grape trellis is about two days away from being complete. That will be a big relief as it should have been ready about a month ago. Establishing a grape vineyard is very fun and rewarding, but I don’t recommend doing it when you’re busy doing other things.

Water, Water, Water







The name of the game is irrigation right now.  Luckily, careful planning and some decent engineering left me with a very easy way to water over 2000 plants in two fields with very little effort.  The zucchini started producing in earnest, over 40 in the first two days!

Mostly Done Planting

Today was the last day of planting in the main field. Now it’s time to take care of some of those pesky weeds that are trying to reclaim their land, finally finish the electric fence, and button up the irrigation system.

Nearly all of the sweet potatoes that we planted died, so our supplier is going to give us another round. I really think they were dead when we got them. I am starting to realize that there is a sweet potato curse on this land.

We had some extra beer from a get-together on Friday night that was gong to go bad, so we gave the pigs a fresh bale of straw, a few sandwiches, and about a gallon of brew. Sweet dreams!

Planting, and more planting

The last three days have been a planting bonanza! Some of the highlights are 100 watermelons, 150 tomatoes, 100 cantaloupe, 800 sweet potatoes, 100 grape vines, and a new flower garden or two. I also had time to till the pumpkin field in preparation for the next planting session. Ella got to fish in the pond almost all day on Saturday and literally caught a bucket full of fish. The equipment is all running great save for 5 bolts that shook their way out of the rototiller. Time for a few days of rest.