To Do List

Someone asked about my To Do List for today…

  • Feed Pigs
  • Go to school early to set up lab and coverage
  • Do “Daddy’s and Donuts” with Ella at pre-school
  • Print subdivision plans
  • Introduce Rocket Project for Physics class
  • Troubleshoot student’s self-balancing two-wheeled robot
  • Rehearse with teacher band for tomorrow’s show
  • Pick-up kids
  • Deliver sub-division plans
  • Buy rear brake pads
  • Buy 400 lb of pig food
  • Grocery store with kids
  • Make Dinner
  • Feed pigs, dogs, cats, rabbit
  • Clean out car
  • Run 6.2 miles
  • Make power points and edit tests for tomorrow
  • Prepare sub plans for Friday
  • Learn guitar parts for tomorrow

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