Monthly Archives: May 2013

Planting, and more planting

The last three days have been a planting bonanza! Some of the highlights are 100 watermelons, 150 tomatoes, 100 cantaloupe, 800 sweet potatoes, 100 grape vines, and a new flower garden or two. I also had time to till the pumpkin field in preparation for the next planting session. Ella got to fish in the pond almost all day on Saturday and literally caught a bucket full of fish. The equipment is all running great save for 5 bolts that shook their way out of the rototiller. Time for a few days of rest.

To Do List

Someone asked about my To Do List for today…

  • Feed Pigs
  • Go to school early to set up lab and coverage
  • Do “Daddy’s and Donuts” with Ella at pre-school
  • Print subdivision plans
  • Introduce Rocket Project for Physics class
  • Troubleshoot student’s self-balancing two-wheeled robot
  • Rehearse with teacher band for tomorrow’s show
  • Pick-up kids
  • Deliver sub-division plans
  • Buy rear brake pads
  • Buy 400 lb of pig food
  • Grocery store with kids
  • Make Dinner
  • Feed pigs, dogs, cats, rabbit
  • Clean out car
  • Run 6.2 miles
  • Make power points and edit tests for tomorrow
  • Prepare sub plans for Friday
  • Learn guitar parts for tomorrow


All of the plastic and drip tape for the main field is down.  The sweet potato hills are all made.  The fence and irrigation should be setup by the end of the weekend.  Everything is on course to be ready for the first round of planting on May11th.  If things go really well, I might even plant some sweet corn this weekend.

The grape arbor is going slower than expected, but I also found out that the grapes won’t be here until very late May.  So they got pushed to the bottom of the list for now.  Ella is a great helper.