Monthly Archives: March 2013

Time to Till

This weekend it will finally be time to try out the new tiller.  I bought a tiller in the winter when it was on sale and haven’t had an opportunity to use it yet.  It’s been  long wait, but I think that there’s a section of yard that will be turned into a blueberry patch before Sunday rolls around.

I’m also very close to getting a “pig bucket” setup at at work.  This is a trash can that kids can throw vegetable and bread waste into instead of sending it to the landfill.  I’ll take home each day’s haul an give it to the pigs.  I plan to put on a pink lid with a pig nose drawn in the middle.

Water Ram Pump

Time to play engineer and design / build a water ram pump to get water from the stream to a tank that is 250′ away and 15′ up hill for irrigation.  These pumps are an amazing example of Physics.  They use only the motion of the stream to pump water.  The only down side is the clicking sound of the waste valve slamming shut.  I hope to have a working model by the end of the month.  If not, I’ll need to use a gas or electric pump of some sort.