Monthly Archives: March 2013


I’m working on getting a good price on double grind mulch in bulk.  I’m hoping to use what we need and sell the rest to friends and family for the lower price.  Buying mulch this way is like buying a used car.  So many different prices and qualities, and hard to know exactly what you’re getting.

I also spent last Saturday finally getting the field from last year in shape to hand back over to the man who had been farming it before I used it last season.  It’s nice to finally be done with the project.

A Broom

Ella, Henry and I were walking today and noticed that a clump of tall grass looked like  a broom.  Then I realized that it was a broom.  That’s what broom’s are.  So our project became to make a broom.  Here’s Ella demonstrating it’s use.  We’ll be in full production by April.

300_3502-001 300_3503-001


Lots of folks I meet up with seem to be surprised by snow in March.  I blame that graphic from 4th grade science books that shows the four seasons with clear transitions between each in a quartered pie chart.  (Here‘s a better one.)

In a positive light, I guess it shows that there are a lot of optimists out there.  In case you’re curious, the average “last March snow” for the last ten years in this area happens on March 18th with a standard deviation of 11 days.  So, if it snows in April, then I’d say that it would be fair to be at least 70% surprised.


Now on to the Pumpkin Patch

The tiller did an excellent job of making a small blueberry garden over the weekend.  After today’s rain soaks through it will be time to start turning one acre of hay field into a pumpkin patch by June.  The first step will be to see if the tiller is up to the challenge of sod busting, or if it will take a plow.  I’m guessing plow.  We’ll see.

First Crocus of 2013

Well, this confirms that it’s a good day to till.  The oil is changed in the tractor, all of the fluids are topped up and the new tiller is installed with Henry’s help.  Time to head out and turn some dirt over.